Special Presentations

Aboriginal Day Programming Schedule

June 20

7pm – screening of documentary “Arctic Defenders” with guest, Visual Researcher Elizabeth Klinck

June 21

2-5pm – free drop-in at the Mady Centre for the Performing Arts
7pm – 20th Anniversary screening of “Dance Me Outside” at Uptown Theatre with guest Q&A
9:30pm – Evening reception at the Mady with guests from the film, as well as musical performances by PLEX and DIGGING ROOTS

Ticket Information

Film Tickets: $10; Aboriginal Day Reception: $45
Ticket price includes HST. Advance tickets available at: Uptown Theatre – 55 Dunlop St. W. and MacLaren Art Centre – 37 Mulcaster St., Barrie

June 20, 2014

Arctic Defenders – with guest Elizabeth Klinck

ArcticDefenders_Poster_smScreening: Friday, June 20, 2014 – 7:00pm
Uptown Theatre, 55 Dunlop Street West, Barrie
Written and Directed by: John Walker
Documentary, 85 minutes, Not Rated, Language: English/Inuktitut with English Subtitles (CANADA)

“Thought-provoking…it tells an important story” – The Globe and Mail

Set in the dramatic and alluring landscape of the north, “Arctic Defenders” tells the remarkable story that began in1968 with a radical Inuit movement that changed the political landscape forever.

It lead to the largest land claim in western civilization, orchestrated by young visionary Inuit with a dream – the governance of their territory – the creation of Nunavut. The story reveals Canada’s misguided attempts at sovereignty in the north and finds hope and inspiration from determined people who changed the rules of the game.

June 21, 2014

Aboriginal Day Drop-In
Saturday, June 21 – 2pm to 5pm
Mady Centre for the Performing Arts
1 Dunlop St. W., Barrie
Admission: Free

An afternoon filled with special activities and presentations.

20th Anniversary Screening of:
Dance Me Outside

Screening: Saturday, June 21, 2014 – 7pm
Uptown Theatre, 55 Dunlop St. W.
Tickets: $10 (includes HST)

with Special Guests:

Adam Beach

Adam Beach


Jennifer Podemski

Ryan Black

Ryan Black


About the Film:

Directed by Bruce McDonald
Starring: Adam Beach, Ryan Rajendra Black, Jennifer Podemski, Sandrine Holt, Michael Greyeyes, Lisa LaCroix, Kevin Hicks and Hugh Dillon
(1994) Comedy/Drama, 84 min., Rated 14A for language and mature content (CANADA)

SYNOPSIS: DANCE ME OUTSIDE is based on a book by W.P. Kinsella, this Genie Award-winning film is set on the Kidabanesee reserve in Northern Ontario. Silas Crow is a young man confused about his direction in life; he wants to take an automobile mechanic’s course in college, but is uncertain whether he should apply. His general confusion with life is most readily evident in his appearance. He wears an old, ratty black hat resembling a fedora, as well as a long, black trenchcoat. Frank Fencepost is Crow’s best friend, and Sadie Maracle is his girlfriend.

Events are set in motion when a young girl from the reserve is murdered by Clarence Gaskill, a white man who gets off with a light sentence, prompting the community to demand vengeance…

Aboriginal Day Reception
Saturday, June 21 – 9:30pm
Mady Centre for the Performing Arts
1 Dunlop St. W., Barrie
Tickets: $45 (includes HST)

Join in the celebration with this incredible evening reception with guests from the film and musical performances. Catered by Cravings. Cash bar.



The Juno Award-winning Digging Roots!

The Award-winning, hip-hop artist Plex!

The Award-winning, hip-hop artist Plex!

Aboriginal Day Reception