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29 February 2016

The Barrie Film Festival & The 88th Annual Oscars

  Congratulations to all nominated, and all winners at this year’s Academy Awards!   The Barrie Film Festival has always endeavoured to feature the most engaging and interesting films in Independent cinema, from Canada and around the world. Proudly associated with The Film Circuit, the Toronto International Film Festival’s outreach programme, we have access to an […]

26 February 2016

3 Forgotten Best Picture Winners (you should watch)

    Quick quiz! Which movie won the Best Picture at last year’s Oscars? How about the year before that? In 2008? (Gold star if you knew them by heart….answers below for the rest of us.   Despite the buzz Oscar nominees generate while their movies are in theatres and the hype leading up to […]

24 February 2016

4 Bizarre Oscar Moments

  The Academy Awards are never short on splendour, but despite being a tightly choreographed event it is a live broadcast, which means anything can happen. And amid the historic acceptance speeches and memorable host monologues, “anything” has happened a number of times, much to the chagrin of the producers. Here’s 4 of the wackiest moments […]

22 February 2016

Canadian Connections To This Year’s Oscars

    With so many Canadians working in Tinsel Town, it’s not surprising that every year more and more appear as nominees at the Academy Awards. This year’s crop of Hollywood North Oscar hopefuls are headlined by Rachel McAdams, nominated for best supporting actress in “Spotlight“. McAdams plays Sacha Pfeiffer, one of the Boston Globe staff […]