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All The Wild Horses


Director: Ivo Marloh
Documentary, PG, 90 min. (Mongolia/South Africa/UK/USA/Ireland)

Virtual ticket for ALL THE WILD HORSES is $9.99 CDN. It is for a 5-day rental.


“Marloh brings events to life with exhilarating camera work, set to the backdrop of the beautiful Mongolian steppe.” – Rob Aldam, BACKSEAT MAFIA

“Appealing piece that will certainly please those who love horses” – FILM REVIEW DAILY

“A kinetic and enthralling cinematic experience” – THE ASPEN TIMES

“Rousing and well-made” – INDEPENDENT



All the Wild Horses follows endurance horse riders from the United States, Canada, South Africa, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands as they compete in the wild and therefore untamed Mongol Derby horse race in Mongolia.


This multi-horse, multi horse-station race across one thousand kilometres of Mongolian steppe is the longest and toughest horse race on Earth. The riders battle extreme weather conditions, swollen rivers and wild dogs, as they navigate through the vast Mongolian wilderness. They change their horses at every station, staying the nights out in the daunting, dangerous wild or with nomad families along the way. Indeed, one wrong move and they could be bucked off and lose their horse with help being hours away. Serious injuries, broken bones and heat exhaustion are a common and debilitating factor in the race.


After a dramatic start, the first casualties are soon evacuated from the field, but this proves to be only a prelude for what’s to come over eight grueling race days. All the Wild Horses throws up twists, turns and extreme drama as it builds to an unexpected, nail-biting but ultimately rewarding finish.


Awards: 19 Wins, 4 Nominations:

Winner, Award of Excellence and Merit Special Mention, Accolade Competition, 2018
Winner, Jury Prize for Best International Feature Documentary, Equinale, 2018
Winner, Festival Award for Best Equestrian Film, Best Director and Best of Festival – Feature, EQUUS Film Festival, 2017
Winner, Best International Feature Documentary, Galway Film Fleadh, 2017
Winner, Award of Merit, Documentary Feature, Impact Docs Awards, 2018
Winner, Best Film, International Documentary Festival of lerapetra, 2017
Winner, Jury Prize for Best Director, Best Score, Best Documentary, Jefferson State Flixx Fest, 2018
Winner, Dir Edmund Hillary Award Adventure Sports Competition Best Film, Mountain Film Festival, 2018
Winner, Would Cinema Audience Award, Phoenix Film Festival, 2018


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