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Youth Media Project: Inspiration 1

“Create For You” short and “HOW TO” video
by Abby Chung

Filmmaking inspiration and helpful tips

Unleash your creativity!


Here is a short to build inspiration and positivity, created by Abby Chung. Enjoy!


Abby Chung



A Taiwanese filmmaker who has studied and worked in the fields of film/TV production. Love to discuss and work on materials that involve social issues, moral and philosophical questions raised by technology, and learning cultures through cuisines. Currently working as a freelance video editor and enjoying life as a coffee addict and TV fanatic.



Doing creative works is usually a great way to cope with isolation, it is a way to communicate when you aren’t able to communicate with friends or families when being physically apart from each other.


Creative work isn’t confined to writing a novel or music, it can be as simple as cooking (creating cuisine), exercising (creating energy), or planting (creating lives). These activities can help people cope with feeling anxious or lonely.


In a way, this is a video that I create for myself, but it evolves into a bridge between others and me, thus creating a communication.



The Youth Virtual Media Arts Program is a project of the Barrie Film Festival and supported by the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund and Barrie Community Foundation. This initiative is presented in partnership with Talk Is Free Theatre.



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