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Everyday Rebellion

EVERYDAY REBELLION – only available until Jan 31!

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Written and Directed by: Arash T. Riahi and Arman T. Riahi
Documentary, PG – for some mature content, 114 min., Languages: English/Austria/Swiss/Spanish/Farsi/Arabisch/Russian/English Subtitles (Austria/Switzerland/Germany/Greece/Belgium)

Virtual ticket for EVERYDAY REBELLION is $9.99 CDN. It is for a 5-day rental.


What does the Occupy movement in New York have in common with the Spanish Indignados protests or the Arab Spring? Is there a connection between the struggle of the Iranian democracy movement and the nonviolent uprising in Syria and what is the link between the Ukrainian topless activists of Femen and an Islamic culture like Egypt? And to top it off, what do Serbia and Turkey have to do with all this? The reasons for the various people’s uprisings in these countries may be diverse, but the creative nonviolent tactics they use in their struggles are strongly connected to each other. Everyday Rebellion is a tribute to the creativity of the nonviolent resistance. The project studies the consequences of a modern and rapidly changing society where new forms of protest to challenge the power of dictatorships and sometimes also global corporations are invented every day.



Winner, Transmedial, B3 Biennial of the Moving Image, 2017
Winner, Audience Award/Documentary Series, Biografilm Festival, 2014
Winner, Most Valuable Documentary of the Year, Cinema for Peace Awards, 2014
Winner, Online Media Prize, CIVIS Media Prize, 2014
Winner, Silver Award, Documentary Series, Davey Awards, US, 2014
Winner, Most Valuable Documentary of the Year, Docudays UA International Documentary Human Rights Film Festival, 2014