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Youth Media Project: Inspiration 2

“Be Thankful” short by Flavia Guimaraes

Unleash your creativity!

Here is an experimental and inspirational short using words, not pictures, that focuses on a spoken message from Flavia’s 12-year-old daughter.


Flavia Guimaraes

I have many years experience working with the largest Latin American television broadcaster: Globo TV. There I was recognized with the Professional Award of the Year, after producing thousands of Brand Integration and Product Placement actions in many TV shows, including those with the highest audience, like Big Brother Brazil.

Working in a fast-paced environment for many years has made me a multi-tasking and great time management professional, with focus and organization in everything I do. Even working under pressure, I was always able to deliver all my tasks on time. I have a great sense of time, and I never procrastinate.



Mariah, a 12 year old girl, is worried about the pandemic. She lives with her parents and her brother. She is always thinking about how to make these tough days became more soft to deal with.


Noticing that and being her mother, I decided to record her sweet voice-over saying motivating words for the teenagers.


To compose the background, I decided not to use images, just a dark effect with light movements. I made this decision because the focus should be her voice to make people reflect without images’ interference.


If people are willing to go through this journey listening carefully to this message and closing their eyes, they will receive inputs to deal with the pandemic in a soft manner, with a bit more hope and faith.


I learned from this activity how to create a movie without using images. At first, I was stuck with my ideas of having footage in the background, but after a few days, I became convinced that it was not necessary to use images to make this an inspiring video. The opposite, it would be a much stronger video without images. Sometimes we need to leave our comfort zone to make things move on.




Never let your tasks for the day after. Do whatever you have to do as soon as possible, even if you have a flexible deadline, do it sooner. We never know what is going to happen, and things can change in seconds. Complete your tasks in advance, so you can have enough time to review and make improvements. Lastly, have a monthly planner to better organize yourself.



The Youth Virtual Media Arts Program is a project of the Barrie Film Festival and supported by the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund and Barrie Community Foundation. This initiative is presented in partnership with Talk Is Free Theatre.



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