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Youth Media Project: How To Talk 1

“How To” Talk with Jennifer Podemski and Justin G Dyck

Filmmaking inspiration and helpful tips

Unleash your creativity!

Check out this insightful interview with these two expert storytellers, as they share some of their approaches and methods with you.



Our Guest Speakers:

Jennifer Podemski

(Actor, Writer, Producer, Director)
CEO – RedCloud Studios Inc.
CEO – The Shine Network

Jennifer Podemski is an Anishinaabe (First Nation)/Ashkenazi (Jewish) actor, storyteller, director/producer. Creating space for Indigenous stories, Jennifer founded the first Indigenous owned production company in Canada. As a storyteller in front and behind the lens, she has brought 100’s of hours of landmark television to the screen including Moccasin Flats, the award winning Empire of Dirt, and Future History for which she received the 2020 Canadian Screen Award for Best Director Factual.

Recently Jennifer founded The Shine Network, a media platform for Indigenous women pursuing a career in film and television.


Twitter: @Podemskichick
Facebook: @jenniferpodemskiofficial


Justin G Dyck

(Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Producer)


In 2004 Justin earned a BFA from Ryerson University before officially starting his career in film and television production.  Since then he has worked as a director, cinematographer, editor and producer.  This vast experience helped establish Justin as a well-rounded and knowledgeable director who’s understanding of the tools enable impeccable execution of the creative.

Justin strengths have allowed him to direct a wide variety of genres from romantic comedy (Christmas with a Prince/My Perfect Romance) to Children’s movies (A Witches Ball) to television (The Wedding Planners/Ponysitter Club). In his earlier work, as a music video director, revenge, violence, poverty and politics played heavily in videos for artists such as Obie Trice and Bone Crusher. The critically acclaimed horror/thriller film ‘Anything For Jackson’ represents a lifelong goal to create, produce and direct a feature film. With several new projects on the horizon, Justin G Dyck isn’t showing any sign of slowing down.



My advice to any starting filmmaker is to create. I am envious of filmmakers who seem to have an innate artistic ability. Armed with nothing but their imagination, they create a story in their mind, and a crew helps them capture their vision. If that’s you, you’ll be fine, but that was never me. I didn’t have any ideas, so I picked up a camera and asked, what can I do with this? Every time I filmed something, I asked myself how it could be better next time. I learned how to light, how to move the camera, how to edit, how to work with actors, how to make a punch look real and how to make a kiss look real. As I added new skills, I came up with ideas on how to use them. Everyone has their own path, but the one that worked for me is to try, fail, repeat.


Twitter: @JustinGDyck
Instagram: Justin G Dyck



The Youth Virtual Media Arts Program is a project of the Barrie Film Festival and supported by the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund and Barrie Community Foundation. This initiative is presented in partnership with Talk Is Free Theatre.



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