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Education Program

Catering to hundreds of elementary and high school students from Barrie and the surrounding area, the BFF presents the annual Education Program which generally runs in the fall during October. Our programming is designed to support current curricular needs and presents teachers and students with the opportunity to view films – which are often not available to see anywhere other than film festivals – in an event setting.

Courage and persistence in the face of difficult odds are major themes explored in all of the films being offered for education this year. Secondary school students will be asked to consider: to what lengths are you are willing to go, to stand up for what you believe in? The young men and women featured in How to Change the World are called upon to ask themselves that question over and over again as they work to rattle the foundations of the status quo of their day. And alternatively: what are you willing to give up in order to realize your dreams? Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made tells a story of almost unbelievable determination as it follows the efforts of a group of adolescents who strive to recreate a film experience that completely captivated their imaginations. Elementary students will have an opportunity to see a choice of three films at screenings currently planned for January. Touching and thought-provoking, the Canadian film If I Had Wings is an uplifting sports story about two high school students, both of whom must face and overcome prejudice, racism and bullying in order to succeed. It will be preceded by a compelling short film called The Vanishing Trace made by Ojibway artist/director from Rama First Nations, Keesic Douglas which follows seven aboriginal people as they tell their stories of times in their lives where they were stereotyped for being “Indian”. Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation is a 1989 American fan film, made as a shot-for-shot remake of the 1981 Indiana Jones adventure Raiders of the Lost Ark. Using the original film’s screenplay and score, it principally starred and was filmed, directed and produced over a seven-year period by three boys from Mississippi and is the original film about which the documentary listed above, was made.

As always, a very big thank you to all of the wonderful teachers and students who attend our programs – your interest and support is greatly appreciated!