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Youth Media Project: How To Talk 2

“How To” Talk with
Paula Ner Dormiendo and Liv McNeil

Filmmaking inspiration and helpful tips

Unleash your creativity!

Check out this informative interview with filmmakers Paula Ner Dormiendo (On The Fence) and Liv McNeil (numb), as they share some of their approaches and methods with you. Both artists won awards at the Barrie Film Festival’s 2020 Short Film Competition. Here they discuss their award-winning short films and provide valuable insight into their process.



Our Guest Speakers:

Paula Ner Dormiendo

(Director, Cinematographer, Editor)

Paula Ner Dormiendo is a Filipino-Canadian Director based in the Greater Toronto Area, attending her final year at Sheridan College. Her works in narrative and documentary film aim to explore subjects of human relationships and cultural identity through an intimate and unguarded lens. Her most recent film, “On The Fence”, won best short film at Barrie Film Festival, CineFam, Sheridan Screen Arts and is currently screening on CBC’s Reel Shorts. Today, Paula is working to develop her undergraduate capstone film and continues to strive in contributing to the growing voices of BIPOC womxn, demanding gender and racial parity in the film and television industry.



“On The Fence” follows several intertwined conversations with a group of multicultural individuals and their struggle with identity. The film aims to combat cultural dysphoria and allows audiences to find peace within themselves and rediscover Canadian customs and the culture that has gifted them a beginning. It is essential that those individuals see, not a disadvantage, but the privilege and beauty to have been a part of both.

CLICK HERE to watch a trailer for “On The Fence”



I think it’s easy to get lost in the paperwork and the idea of making something great and long-lasting in the hopes that it will propel your name and your potential forward. But to be patient and remember that love, kindness, and empathy should always be at the forefront of anything you do will not only be for the betterment of those watching and those who have yet to watch, but your soul will also thank you for it in the long run.


Instagram: @paulanerdormiendo & @onthefencefilm
Facebook: @onthefencefilm



Liv McNeil


My name is Liv McNeil, I am a visual arts major in grade 9 at Etobicoke School of the Arts. I love art and have been doing it my whole life. I am not a film major but I still love to make films outside of school with my brother and my friends. I love film because it is such an immersive art form. I love painting and drawing, but films use audio and visual elements combined to tell very captivating stories. I hope to continue making films in and out of school, for years to come.



“numb” follows a teen in isolation, looking at things in their room, like pictures and things that used to make them happy, and trying to relive memories, but then falling back into their state of monotony of doing the same thing everyday: online school in their room. This film was a portrayal of what a lot of youth are feeling these days, and how it has been the past couple months.

CLICK HERE to watch “numb”



Write your own experience. When it comes to art, do what you love, do what you know, and don’t try to create a persona, or do stuff you don’t enjoy. Your art is for you, do what you want. another thing is, never stop creating. I know for sure when I get unmotivated, I don’t make art for weeks, but you have to try to make art as much as possible. even if it’s a tiny bit of practice each week. The last thing is don’t get stressed about the technical stuff. I used a ladder for a tripod, and I edited on iMovie, on my tiny laptop! You just need to have the idea, and the bare minimum for technology stuff. Good luck and keep creating!


Instagram: livmcneil_



The Youth Virtual Media Arts Program is a project of the Barrie Film Festival and supported by the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund and Barrie Community Foundation. This initiative is presented in partnership with Talk Is Free Theatre.



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