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4 Bizarre Oscar Moments

24 February 2016


The Academy Awards are never short on splendour, but despite being a tightly choreographed event it is a live broadcast, which means anything can happen. And amid the historic acceptance speeches and memorable host monologues, “anything” has happened a number of times, much to the chagrin of the producers. Here’s 4 of the wackiest moments in Oscar history…


THE STREAKER – The 1974 Oscars will forever be remembered as the “one where that naked guy ran across the stage”, which is probably a bit frustrating for the people who actually won the awards. But full marks to host David Niven for his deadpan response.


JACK PALANCE DOES PUSH UPS – City Slickers was far from a blockbuster, but it did earn Hollywood vet Jack Palance his only Oscar win, for Best Supporting Actor. But winning wasn’t enough for Jack…he had to show off his workout routine.


ROB LOWE AND SNOW WHITE – What’s more bizarre? That somebody thought a 10 minute Snow White themed musical number was a good idea to open the Oscars? Or that Rob Lowe thought he could sing?


ROBERTO BENIGNI CHAIR JUMPING – Long before Tom Cruise brought international attention to couch jumping, loveable Italian comedic genius Roberto Benigni was doing his own version of seat leaping during the 1999 Oscars when Life is Beautiful won Best Foreign Film.